There are two methods through which Sites can use Slope to track clinical inventory and handle reorders. The first is where a Site creates a workspace in Slope to track inventory for a clinical trial. We call this an "unconnected" workspace because the Site has to set it up, define the inventories, and set the alert levels without the involvement of the Sponsor or Supplier. A lot of Sites use Slope this way because they can have one dashboard to track all of their inventory for every trial at their site.

The other way that Sites can use Slope is to connect to a protocol that has been preconfigured by a Sponsor, CRO, or Supplier on the Slope platform. In this manner, a Site accepts an invitation to add the protocol to their dashboard. The protocol has already been setup to have the names of the inventories defined and connected to any Suppliers that are participating in the reorder process.

When you connect to a protocol, the levels for the inventories that have been provided by the protocol can be seen by the Sponsor and Suppliers. Protocols get everyone on the same page about what your Site has and what your Site needs, bringing order and clarity to clinical inventory management.

Accepting a protocol invitation

You'll receive an invitation via email to join a protocol. If you don't yet have a Slope account, you will be able to signup from the link provided in the email. After you login for the first time, you'll see a clinical trial already populated in your dashboard. If you click on this clinical trial, you'll see that it's been setup for you with the names of the inventories that are being managed by the protocol.

If you already have a Slope account, you will receive a similar email notification. When you click the link from the email, you'll be taken to an invitations acceptance view that will show the name and sponsor for the protocol and two buttons. Clicking the Agree button will add the protocol to your site and setup the managed inventories. Clicking Ignore will delete the invite and make it go away. 

If you happen to loose the email link, you can always access your invitations by clicking your name in the top right corner. If you have any invitations, a link will appear. Clicking this link will take you to the invitations acceptance view shown above.

Using a protocol workspace

The workspaces in your dashboard that are connected to protocols will be shown with a special blue connected icon to help you distinguish them from the unconnected workspaces you have setup. Here's an example of what it will look like, shown next to several unconnected workspaces:

When you click on a protocol workspace, you'll see that there are inventories that have already been setup for you. These special, "managed" inventories have the same blue connected icon shown above. You are not allowed to remove these inventories from the workspace, nor can you change the name or edit certain details. When you update the levels for these managed inventories, the connected Sponsor/Supplier can remotely monitor your quantities and use Slope to power automated reorder.

You may add additional inventories to the protocol workspace, but these will not be tracked by the Sponsor, therefore ineligible for automated reorder. However, you can still use our manual reorder tools to help manage reorder in this instance.

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