Let's imagine a scenario where you visit your supply closet to pull kits and supplies for upcoming patient visits. After some rummaging around, you find the kits, but notice the tubes are broken and unusable. This happens to be a very special type of tube and there are no other kits on hand that you can "borrow from", so the Sponsor or Supplier needs to be notified quickly so you can be ready for these visits.

Typically, this would mean a frantic rush to find the order form and contact details, then some emailing or phone calls to get it handled. Fortunately there's now a better way to manage this process directly in Slope.

If one of your workspaces is connected to a protocol and has automated reorder enabled for one or more of its managed inventories, you're in luck! While in most cases, the minimum/maximum stock thresholds set by Slope's automated reorder solution will automatically generate a resupply order, the scenario described above needs its own workflow to handle the unexpected demand. This article will explain how to request a one-off order with a connected Supplier directly from Slope.

Requesting an order

To request a one-off order, first navigate to the Catalog tab of the clinical trial or supply group you need to resupply. In the Catalog tab, find the inventory you need to reorder then click the Actions button next to a managed inventory and select New Order from the drop-down list of options. If you don't see this option in the list, then the given inventory does not have automated reorder enabled and therefore cannot be reordered via Slope.

This will take you to a form, where you can simply tell Slope how many you need. The number you enter must be greater than 0 and less than the maximum amount you can request. Click the Create Order button to send it off.

Tracking order status

The order will now appear next to your managed inventory, as shown in the screenshot below. When the Supplier updates the order status, you'll see the color of the box around the order quantity change. Check out our automated reorder article for more information about order status. 

Once the Supplier creates the shipment for your order, you'll see the order disappear and a new entry for the shipment appear underneath the Supplier's name, as shown in the screenshot below.

When you receive the shipment, the managed inventories' quantity will be automatically incremented. The new items from the shipment will arrive with the metadata that was set by the Supplier (e.g. serial/lot number, expiration date) intact. 

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