Supply groups are a special type of workspace in Slope designed to allow tracking of inventory not associated with a single sponsor or clinical trial.  Some examples are:

  • Bulk supplies

  • Office Supplies

  • Shared supplies

  • Shared dietary supplies

  • Shared snacks for patients

  • Equipment to track calibration or certification dates

Supply groups have all of the same alert features and inventory tracking as clinical trials, so you'll receive emails and alerts if anything expires or has a low inventory. They are a great way to segment your inventory in situations where a clinical trial or single-sponsor context doesn't make sense.

Creating a new supply group

From the site dashboard, click the Actions button and select New workspace from the dropdown list of options. You can also click on Supply Groups in the left sidebar, then click the New Supply Group button that will appear in the top right corner. The new supply group form looks like this:

All that's required is a Workspace Name that will be shown in the interface and visible to everyone on your team. Click Create Workspace and you'll be forwarded to the supply group detail view.

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