The protocol dashboard provides access to summary and detailed information for the selected protocol. 


The Catalog tab provides a summary view of all Inventory Templates the Sponsor has associated with this protocol. Each Inventory Template line shows the: 

  • Inventory Template Name
  • External SKU (i.e. the Sponsor SKU associated with this Inventory)
  • Internal SKU (i.e. the Supplier SKU that will be mapped to the Sponsor SKU)
  • Status (Active, Disabled, Closed)


The Sites tab offers a summary view with drill down capability to show the status of every site connected to this protocol by the Sponsor. Active inventory alerts associated with this protocol for any site will be shown with red text and a triangle with an exclamation mark. 


The Orders tab provides a list of all active orders for this protocol and their status. This can be used to manage orders for a specific protocol.

Using the inline dropdown Actions buttons allows you to Edit, Acknowledge or Cancel the order. The actions taken here will be noted as part of the audit trail. Likewise you can opt to view the Audit trail from this dropdown. 


The Shipments tab provides a single location to view and track the status of all shipments associated with a specific protocol. 

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