The Supplier homepage contains high level metrics based on orders, inventory status and various other data. The Actions button located in the top right-hand corner of the page also quickly allows the creation of new SKUs and Depots. 

The left-hand navigation bar allows you to easily access the various features and components that power the Slope Supplier platform. 

To help understand what each section contains, take a look at the descriptions below. You can also refer to dedicated support articles for detailed information and user guides for each of these sections.

  • Orders - Contains a consolidated listing of all active orders submitted by Slope for Study Site users and/or the system. This section also provides an overview of the order status and options for the Supplier to further process the order. 
  • Catalog - The Supplier Catalog provides a listing of all Supplier SKUs the supplier provides in order to fulfill customer needs.
  • Protocols - The Supplier Protocol section provides a listing of all Sponsor Protocols the Supplier is connected to. This section also provides summary and drill-down information for all of the Study Sites connected to this protocol and the Catalog inventory Templates used to manage supplies.
  • Depots - Supplier Depots can represent any location where you store supplies from to ship to study sites. This can range from separate physical locations to dedicated processing centers such as clean rooms etc. 
  • Shipments - Supplier Shipments provides an overview with drill-down to see what's been shipped, where it's going and what it's status is for the entire trial and site network.
  • Team - This is where you manage your team, invite coworkers and remove users that no longer need access. 

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