Once sites connect to a protocol, you will begin to see inventory levels appear in the Sponsor protocol dashboard. Slope provides a high-level summary of inventory levels for each protocol in the Sponsor's protocol list using four primary categories:

  • Ready - Items at the site that are ready to be used for patient visits.
  • Expiring - Items at the site expiring in the next 30 days.
  • Used - Items that have been used by the site.
  • Unusable - Items at the site that cannot be used for patient visits. These could be expired or damaged items.

Inventory levels

Slope displays these inventory metrics in other areas, like the inventory template and depot views. If you navigate to a protocol site view, the numbers you see will be representative of the inventory levels at that particular site.

If a site has a low inventory threshold defined for an instance of an inventory template, it will be shown after the ready quantity, proceeded by a slash. In the screenshot above, the ready quantity is 0 and the low inventory alert threshold is 6.

Metrics panels

Protocol dashboards also have metrics panels that show cumulative amounts rolled up by site, protocol, or global level. These panels show the primary inventory metrics along with historical graphs that show the amount of items added and used over time.

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