Fulfillment plans allow you to address site demand with automated reorders that are routed to a Supplier connected to the Slope ecosystem. When your Suppliers are connected to Slope, they are provided their own user interface through which they can update orders and dispatch resupply shipments to your Study Sites. Third-party Supplier participation effectively automates your protocol's resupply workflows, saving your ClinOps team precious time while keeping your sites provisioned.

Fulfillment plans connect one of your inventory templates at a specific site with a specific supplier. When you create a fulfillment plan, you define a minimum and maximum inventory level you want to maintain at the site. When the site's inventory level drops below the minimum defined threshold, the fulfillment plan will create a new order and will route it to the participating Supplier (or be held for approval in a queue for Sponsors).

Assigning a fulfillment plan

There are two methods that you can assign a fulfillment plan. The first is to assign as the default for all sites that are subscribed to an inventory template. This method allows you to quickly set the plan across a large number of sites at once. The second way is to first navigate to a specific site for a specific protocol in your Sponsor account, then set the fulfillment plan for that individual site.  The fulfillment plan form looks like this:

Here is some more detail about each of the form fields:

  • Supplier - This dropdown lists all the Suppliers you are connected with on the Slope platform. In order for Suppliers to be listed here, they must be added to your account by Slope client support. Choose a Supplier from this list that you want to manage fulfillment for the selected inventory template.
  • Allowable minimum - Choose the minimum inventory amount you want to maintain at the site that is subscribed to this inventory template and fulfillment plan. This value will override the low inventory alert threshold that the site has setup.
  • Allowable maximum - The maximum inventory amount you want to maintain at the site that is subscribed to this inventory template and fulfillment plan. Must be greater than the value you provided for the minimum.
  • Require Approval for Resupply - Check this box to require the order to be queued up for approval by the Sponsor before it is routed to the Supplier.

Click the button and the fulfillment plan will be created/updated. If the Supplier you have selected for the fulfillment plan has not yet linked to the inventory template SKU, their name will be shown with a question mark icon. Once the Supplier connects to the SKU, the icon will change to a green check mark.

What happens next

Once you have assigned fulfillment plans to all your inventory templates and your Supplier connects to your SKUs, you'll be able to sit back and watch the magic of automatic resupply happen. As sites use items from the inventory templates you have setup, and the inventory levels drop below a defined threshold, Slope will create an order to track the resupply process and route it to the Supplier. Click here to learn more about order management.

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