Inventory plans allow Sponsors to handle situations where sites within the same protocol require different groupings of inventories. A common scenario might be that Site A has a 4mL centrifuge and Site B has an 8mL. These sites would require different tubes, each needing its own inventory template to allow for tracking the inventory at both sites.

Slope's inventory plan feature allows you to assign each site to a plan, which contains a grouping of inventory templates. In the above example, a set of inventory plans can be created within the protocol, grouping the 4mL and 8mL inventories. Site A is subscribed to the 4mL plan and Site B is subscribed to the 8mL plan. While each site only sees the inventories defined by the plan they are associated with, the Sponsor can see all of these inventories in their dashboard.

For each protocol, Slope maintains a default inventory plan that includes all the inventory templates within the protocol. Unless you create an additional inventory plan, you won't see the default inventory plan.

Creating a new inventory plan

To create a new inventory plan, first navigate to the protocol you want to add an inventory plan to. Once you are there, click the Actions button in the top right corner and choose Create inventory plan from the dropdown list of options. You will see a form that looks like this:

Here is more detail about each of the fields in this form:

  • Name - Enter a name for the plan. This is an internal name that will be used to represent the inventory plan.
  • Notes - Enter additional operations notes here. This is another internal field that connected suppliers and sites will not see.
  • Inventory Templates - Each inventory template in your protocol is shown here with a checkbox. Check which templates you want to add to the new plan you are creating.

Click the Create Inventory Plan button to save it. You will be redirected to the "Plans" tab of the current protocol, which will show the new plan in the table. For each inventory plan, the associated templates are shown, in addition to the status of the plan and the number of sites subscribed to it.

Managing inventory plans

Inventory plans are created in the active state, which makes them accessible in dropdown menus throughout the Sponsor user interface. In the protocol "Plans" tab, an Actions button is shown next to each plan with options for activating, disabling, or closing the inventory plan. To make a plan temporarily inaccessible, click Disable and it will no longer show up as an option for subscription. Click the Close link to close an inventory plan, which will cause it to no longer be accessible or recalled for use. 

When you disable or close an inventory plan that is associated with one or more active sites, there is no side effect on sites. Should there become a use case where a new inventory template needed to be added to these sites, they would need to be subscribed to a new plan that includes the new inventory template.

Inventory plans can be edited by clicking the Edit link from the dropdown list of options from an Actions button shown in the inventory plans table. Inventory plans may also be deleted only if they are no longer associated with a site. 

Changing the inventory plan for a site

To change the inventory plan for a site, first find the site in the protocol "Sites" tab, then change the plan using the Actions button and selecting Update inventory plan. This will take you to a form with a dropdown where you can select a different plan. Confirming the new plan will add any new inventories at the target site and disconnect any inventories that are not in the new inventory plan.

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