If you've setup fulfillment plans for your protocols in Slope, you will start to see orders appear as Slope detects that a site needs a resupply. Your involvement in this process as a Sponsor is dependent on whether or not you require approval for the orders that are generated from these fulfillment plans. If approval is required, the order will not move forward until you approve the order from your dashboard in Slope.

Order dashboard

Once orders have been generated, you'll see them in the sidebar on the left of your screen, underneath the "Alerts" navigation item. Click this link to be taken to your order dashboard, which aggregates orders from all the protocols in your Sponsor account. The tabs across the top of this view allow you to narrow down on the different states an order can fall in (this is explained in the next section below).

You may also access filtered orders views by navigating to a protocol or protocol site dashboard view. If orders exist in either of these contexts, a tab will be shown which will show the subset of related orders for the parent view.

Order states

Because orders flow from Sites, through Sponsors, and finally to Suppliers, Slope uses a standard set of order states to help everyone involved in the resupply process know where things are at. Here is detail about each of the possible states an order in Slope can fall within:

  • Pending - This is the default state for an order that is created automatically by a fulfillment plan or for an order that is manually placed by a site.
  • Approved - When a Supplier begins involvement with an order, this is the default state that it will fall under. The SKU, quantity, protocol, and target study site have been identified and approved by the Sponsor.
  • Acknowledged - This is the first action you can take on an order as a Supplier. Marking it as acknowledged lets the Sponsor and Site know that you have received the information. It is possible that a Sponsor (or automated process) could adjust the order quantity amount after it has been acknowledged by the Supplier. Therefore, it is best to treat the acknowledged state as recognition of the receipt of order details that could potentially change.
  • Processing - Once a Supplier starts processing an acknowledged order, the quantity and other attributes are locked and cannot be changed. Slope will attempt to generate a new shipment within the Supplier's dashboard and link it to the order.
  • Closed - When the shipment associated with the order is shipped, the order itself will be updated to a closed state.
  • Cancelled - A Sponsor or Site can cancel an order that is in the approved or acknowledged state. A Supplier can cancel orders from the approved, acknowledged, or processing states.

Modifying order name & quantity

Let's say that a site places a manual order in Slope for the maximum amount of an item allowed by the fulfillment plan. While Slope allows them to provide the maximum value, you may desire to change this quantity before it is sent off to the Supplier. To do this, click the Actions button next to an order and select the Edit link from the dropdown list of options. This will take you to a form where you can provide a new name for the order and edit the quantity. If you provide a new name, it will override the default name that Slope generated.

Order approval, cancellation, & deletion

Use the Actions button next to an order to approve or cancel an order. Once you approve the order, the Supplier will get a notification and they will see the order show up in their dashboard. You will have visibility into the process from your own order dashboard as they acknowledge receipt of the order and start processing it.

If you cancel an order, it will be sent to the "Cancelled" tab where it will stay indefinitely until you delete it. To cancel an order, select the Cancel link from the dropdown list of options accessible from the Actions button shown in the orders list.

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