When you have setup your protocol and entered in all of your inventory templates, you'll be ready to push your protocol to sites so they can begin to participate in your clinical trial. This will send an email invitation to join Slope on your behalf. Once they signup, your protocol will be automatically setup in their Slope account. If they already have a Slope account, they'll receive an invite that, once accepted, will create the protocol in their site's Slope account. This article will walk you through the process of pushing a protocol to sites.

Pushing a protocol

Navigate to the desired protocol, then click the Actions button in the top right corner. Select the Push to site link from the dropdown list of options. This will take you to a form that looks like this:

Here is more detail about each of these form fields:

  • Site name - Provide the site name. If the site is not yet on Slope, this name will be used as a default, but the site will always have the option to change their name.
  • Site number - Provide the site number for this protocol.
  • Email - Enter the email of your contact at the site.
  • Inventory Plan - If you have more than one inventory plan defined for the current protocol, all the active ones will show up in this dropdown. The site will be subscribed to the plan you select.

Once you click the Push Protocol to Site button, an email invitation will be sent to the address you provided, inviting them to join Slope. When you look at the protocol dashboard, you'll see a new named "Sites." The default view for this tab is to show all active sites, so when you first click on it, it may not show the site you just invited. To see the sites that have not yet accepted the invite, change the filter settings to search for "Pending" sites. Please note if a site is already on Slope, you will not see them in the "Pending" list, only once they accept the invite they will appear in the "Active" list.

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