There are several types of reports available for Sponsors users to download. Reports can be requested with a given context, allowing users to generate one large report that might include all the shipments they have ever sent through Slope or a smaller report of those shipments for a specific protocol.

Report types

Here are the types of reports available to Slope for Sponsor users:

  • Item report - Shows the status and additional attributes for items inherited from protocols deployed at sites. This report can be segmented by protocol or site.
  • Item movement report - Shows how items at a study site transition over time, with an audit trail of who performed the transition and when. Can be segmented by protocol or site.
  • Stock report - Shows all of the Sponsor's stocks for a specific depot, protocol, or SKU. A snapshot of the current state is captured for each stock.
  • Traceability report - Shows how stock begins at a depot then transitions through shipments to the eventual usage at a site. The time and user who performed each event can be tracked.
  • Replenishments report - Show all the shipments made from a Sponsor's depots to sites. Information is included about the history of each shipment. Can be segmented by protocol or site.

Requesting reports

To request a report, click the Actions button in the top right corner of most views and select a report type from the dropdown. The report will generate in the background, which may take several minutes to complete. Once the report has generated, you will receive an email with a link to download it as an Excel (xlsx) file. This link will expire in 72 hours, so make sure you take action on downloading it quickly.

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