Suppliers in the Slope ecosystem are on the receiving end of orders that are generated as a result of Site activity or intervention by a Sponsor. Regardless of the order's origin, by the time the order makes it to a Supplier in Slope, all the details have been collected and approved so your team can quickly respond to the request.

Order workflow

As a Supplier on the Slope platform, you don't have to worry much about the resupply configuration because it's handled on the Sponsor side of our platform through a Fulfillment Plan. This plan connects a specific Sponsor inventory template to a specific study site and defines the minimum and maximum inventory thresholds.

Once a Supplier creates a SKU Bridge to connect to an inventory template within a Sponsor's protocol, orders will generate if Site inventory levels fall below the defined threshold. The Sponsor has the option to approve these orders, so once they are approved they will arrive in your Slope Supplier order dashboard.

Order states

Because orders flow from Sites, through Sponsors, and finally to Suppliers, Slope uses a standard set of order states to help everyone involved in the resupply process know where things are at. Here is detail about each of the possible states an order in Slope can fall within:

  • Approved - When a Supplier begins involvement with an order, this is the default state that it will fall under. The SKU, quantity, protocol, and target study site have been identified and approved by the Sponsor.
  • Acknowledged - This is the first action you can take on an order as a Supplier. Marking it as acknowledged lets the Sponsor and Site know that you have received the information. It is possible that a Sponsor (or automated process) could adjust the order quantity amount after it has been acknowledged by the Supplier. Therefore, it is best to treat the acknowledged state as recognition of the receipt of order details that could potentially change.
  • Processing - Once a Supplier starts processing an acknowledged order, the quantity and other attributes are locked and cannot be changed. Slope will attempt to generate a new shipment within the Supplier's dashboard and link it to the order.
  • Closed - When the shipment associated with the order is shipped, the order itself will be updated to a closed state.
  • Cancelled - A Sponsor or Site can cancel an order that is in the approved or acknowledged state. A Supplier can cancel orders from the approved, acknowledged, or processing states.
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