Mapping Supplier SKUs to Sponsor SKUs

The "SKU Bridge" allows Suppliers to connect their own internal SKUs to external Sponsor SKUs. The system automatically notifies you when a SKU needs to be mapped as shown in the animation below.  

Map to SKU

SKU mapping is managed from within each Protocol Dashboard by selecting the inline Map to SKU button for any Inventory Template that shows the status of Not mapped yet for the internal SKU. 

Edit SKU Map

Sometimes mistakes are made and a Sponsor SKU was mapped to the incorrect Supplier SKU. If this happens then simply select the inline Edit SKU Map button and choose a new internal Supplier SKU to associate the external Sponsor SKU to. 

TIP: Supplier SKUs can be associated with multiple Sponsors, Protocols and other external SKUs. An example use case would be you provide the exact same kit for a specific urine test for multiple protocols or sponsors. Within the Slope Supplier platform simply using the SKU Bridge allows this association to be managed. 

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