Slope's solution for Suppliers provides third-party vendor and fulfillment services a dynamic toolset for interacting with Sponsor inventory protocols running on the Slope platform. Sponsors can define which inventory templates they want a third-party Supplier to fulfill and Slope will broker the communication required to make automated site resupply a reality.

Benefits for Suppliers

Because Slope has organized the inventory requirements, resupply workflows, and user experience, better and more accurate resupply can be achieved to keep sites provisioned with the right amount of inventory for patient visits. Sites simply keep Slope updated and orders are automatically generated and routed to the involved Supplier.

Supplier operations teams can use Slope to automate the deluge of emails, PDF forms, and phone calls required to coordinate resupply requirements across all the protocols and sites for which they are responsible. Slope gives operations teams a single dashboard through which client orders can be visualized and acted upon.

How it works

In order for a Supplier to participate in a Sponsor's protocol, they must first be invited to join Slope, complete the registration process, then get linked to the Sponsor's account. This process can only be initiated by the Slope client support team.

Once the Supplier is on-boarded, a Sponsor can assign that Supplier as responsible for resupplying a specific inventory template for one or many sites. Once this happens, the Supplier will receive a notification letting them know that there is a new external SKU available. A SKU bridge can be then created between the external SKU (what the Sponsor calls the inventory) and the internal Supplier SKU. Slope remembers this association, so once a SKU bridge has been created, Sponsors can automatically assign fulfillment responsibility for subsequent templates with the same external SKU.

As Study Sites use inventory for patient visits and stock levels drop below low inventory thresholds, resupply orders are automatically generated by the system and routed to the Supplier after Sponsor approval (if required). Suppliers can then acknowledge and begin processing the order, using Slope to pre-load lot numbers, serial numbers, and expiration dates for every item loaded in the shipment. When the shipment is dispatched, Slope will track it through the supply chain and keep sites informed of inbound shipments.

When the shipment is delivered to the Study Site, they can use their Slope user interface to receive the items into their inventory, completing the resupply process.

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