Slope's solution for Sponsors/CROs aggregates, organizes, and automates clinical supply chain data generated by Study Sites that use our free inventory management app. When your clinical trial is run on Slope, participating Study Sites will receive a standard set of inventory templates that connect back to a central dashboard. You can use this dashboard to monitor, manage, and automate inventory resupply events for every vendor that provides kits, drugs, devices, equipment, or any physical asset required by your protocol.

Benefits for Sponsors/CROs

Sponsors/CROs can benefit from Slope in three different levels, each building on the next:

  1. Monitor - See realtime inventory levels across all the Study Sites participating in your clinical trial.
  2. Manage - Define low inventory thresholds for each inventory template and receive alerts when a Study Site's inventory level falls below the set levels. Receive expiring inventory alerts 30 days before items expire. Use Slope to manage resupply and shipment tracking for any vendor.
  3. Automate - Connect your suppliers to Slope to provide a seamless resupply experience for all of your trials and sites. 

Sites around the world use Slope to manage clinical trial inventory for their patients. Our 21 CFR Part 11 compliant platform connects you to this data in real-time as drugs, devices, kits, equipment, and supplies move from vendors to sites to study patients.

Your ClinOps team can use Slope to manage all of your study supply workflows, or opt for secure vendor, clinical data source (EDC, CTMS, eCOA, RTSM, IxRS), and carrier/courier integrations to securely automate your trial's entire clinical supply chain from beginning to end.

Alerts, reports, and dashboards help your team understand clinical inventory condition, patient supply utilization, low/expiring stock conditions, and vendor distribution performance. Audit trail, inventory movement, & Sunshine Act closeout reports come standard.

How it Works

A protocol is created in Slope to model the inventory requirements for your clinical trial. For every physical asset your clinical trial requires, you can define a standard set of inventory templates that sites will use to manage inventory. 

When you are ready, you can push the protocol to the Study Sites participating in your clinical trial. They will receive an email invitation to join Slope and subscribe to your protocol. Once they signup, they can use Slope to manage inventory for your clinical trial using the templates you defined. Study Sites can also use Slope to manage inventory for their other clinical trials for free. This helps reduce on-boarding friction for sites to adopt Slope as their de-facto inventory management solution.

As Study Sites subscribe to your protocol and begin to use inventory items, your dashboard will populate, revealing metrics and generating alerts when low inventory or expiring items are encountered in your protocol's site network.

Your ClinOps team can use Slope's built-in workflows to manage Study Site resupply and shipment tracking for any vendor. You can assign a tracking number to a shipment and Slope will automatically track its status and keep both you and the Study Site informed. Once the Study Site marks the shipment as received, their inventory levels are automatically populated.

When your suppliers are connected to Slope, they are provided their own user interface through which they can update orders and dispatch resupply shipments to your Study Sites. Third-party supplier participation effectively automates your protocol's resupply workflows, saving your team precious time while keeping your sites provisioned.

As your clinical trial comes to a close, your ClinOps team can use Slope to down throttle active resupply workflows. Leftover inventory levels can be remotely verified and closeout reports generated for Sunshine Act compliance.

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