In order to perform any of these actions, you must have a Site admin role.


Site staff can be promoted to site admin once they are added to your site. Click the Manage button next to the person's name and select Promote to Site Admin. 


Site admin can be demoted to site staff by clicking Manage next to the person then selecting Demote to Site Staff.

Assign to Trials

Site admins have access to all trials associated with a site. Site staff can be assigned to specific trials relevant to them. Select Manage next to the person then Manage Assignments. Here you will see a list of all active clinical trials and supply groups available in the system. Check the boxes next to the workspaces that you want to allow access to and click Update User. Site staff are now only able to see workspaces to which they are assigned. 

Remove User

Clicking this will remove the user from your site and parent organization. They will still have a Slope account, it just won't be connected to anything. When they log in, they will see a message that lets them know their account has been abandoned. We do this to retain any audit trail that the user created, and to make it easy to onboard them again if they need to regain access.

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