Clinical trial workspaces allow entry of additional information such as protocol name, Sponsor name, and therapeutic area. The additional information for clinical trials allows for easier navigation and for advanced filtering in various parts of the platform. For example, from the clinical trials view you can filter by sponsor to view the trials being tracked by your site for a single sponsor.  

Creating a new clinical trial

From the site dashboard, click the Actions button and select New workspace from the dropdown list of options. You can also click on Clinical Trials in the left sidebar, then click the New Clinical Trial button that will appear in the top right corner. The new clinical trial form looks like this:

Here is some more detail about each of the form fields:

  • Type - Make sure this is set to Clinical Trial if that's what you intend. You can flip this to make a Supply Group if you desire, more on that here.

  • Protocol Name - Enter the name of the trial protocol here. Please use the official name so everyone on your team can identify it easily.

  • Sponsor Name - Enter the name of the Sponsor administering the clinical trial. This name will be used in view filters throughout the interface.

  • CRO Name - Optionally provide the name of the CRO involved in the trial, if applicable.

  • Therapeutic Area - Select from one of the predefined options.

  • Notes - Whatever you enter in this field will be shown on the clinical trial details view.

Click the Create Workspace button and a new clinical trial will be created and you'll be forwarded to the clinical trial details view.

Clinical trial details view

The clinical trial details view will show the "Catalog" tab by default. Because you just created a trial, you don't have any inventories, so this view will show a prompt for you to create one. Once you create a few inventories (more on that here) you'll start to see this view populate with all the different inventories that you're tracking for the clinical trial. Here's an example:

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