Slope uses the term inventory to describe the asset type you need to track for a clinical trial. Things like lab kits, thermal shippers, tubes, bulk supplies, etc. Slope allows you to create an unlimited amount of inventories per clinical trial (or supply group). Once you've created an inventory, you can add items to it.

Creating inventories

Navigate to any clinical trial or supply group dashboard, then click Actions dropdown menu and select the Add a new inventory option. 

This will take you to a form where you can enter some details for the new inventory you are about to create. Here’s what it looks like (the "Reorder details" section is collapsed in the screenshot below - click here to learn more about this feature).

All that’s required to create an inventory is to give it a name. You can opt to provide a value for the Low Inventory Alert Threshold, Initial Quantity, or Notes fields if you wish. Just click the button and the new inventory is good to go.

If you enter an initial quantity then you'll see an option to add the Lot/Serial Number, Expiration Date, and Storage Area when you initially add the items; rather than having to edit later. These boxes will appear after you enter a number greater than 1 in the Initial Quantity box: 

Inventory types

To help you better organize your inventory, you can tag all of you inventory a type. Assign your inventory to any of the following types so you can manage them from summary views:

  1. Kit (default)

  2. Equipment

  3. Shippers

  4. Drug

  5. Device

  6. Study Materials

  7. Bulk

  8. Other

Assign the inventory a type when creating new inventory or by editing existing inventory. When creating Inventory you will be asked to choose a Type from the dropdown list. Once created, the Slope display the types as a filter options in various places across the interface. 

If you created an inventory before this feature was released then your inventory will show a default type called "uncategorized". Any uncategorized inventory will be shown in an uncategorized group at the bottom of the page. A message will prompt you to edit the inventory and assign a type.  This message will disappear once all inventory has been assigned.

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