Whether it's the FDA or your own internal QA/QC mandated procedures, most organizations require routine calibration and tracking of equipment. Slope makes it simple to track future calibration dates, verify an items history, and get alerts when the current expiration is due to expire.

Follow these steps to begin tracking and managing equipment for your site:

  1. Create a Supply Group for your equipment.

  2. Create a new inventory for each type of equipment you want to track (e.g. EKG Machines, Centrifuge, etc).

  3. Add each individual piece of equipment as an item to the inventory.

  4. Use the notes section on the item view to record original calibration date or any other necessary information.

  5. Use the expiration date field to set the date that the calibration for that piece of equipment expires. 

  6. Assign the inventory item (i.e. the equipment) to a storage area to indicate where it's physically located.  

Now you can track all of your equipment from a single location from within the trial workspace, and you can see which equipment is located within any particular storage area.

You will also receive an email notification and expiration alert when the expiration date is within 30 days of the current date. After you calibrate the machine, simply update the date. 

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