On your site homepage, click the Site Actions drop down menu and then Upload Inventory Data. NOTE: Only Site Admin have access to this feature.

You'll now be on the Import Inventory page. In the light blue box in the middle of the screen, click Download XLSX Template and copy your site information over to the corresponding columns. 

Setting up your input file

Transfer your existing data into our template. NOTE: File imports are great, but only when the data is in the correct format. The best approach is to download our template and use column headings provided. 

The following data is able to be imported into our system:    

  • Workspace Type - select whether your entry is a clinical trial or are supplies from the drop down menu

  • Trial/Protocol Name - this has to be an exact match to the name of the trial workspace you created that you want to import inventory into. You can also create Clinical Trials and Supply Groups within the template by simply entering the information into the spreadsheet.

  • Sponsor Name - name of the trial Sponsor. This is required for Clinical Trial types

  • Therapeutic Area Name - select from the drop down menu which therapeutic area your clinical trial falls under. This is required for Clinical Trials.

  • CRO Name - if your trial is using a CRO, enter the name here. This is optional.

  • Inventory Name - provide a name for the lab kit or inventory you are tracking.

  • Inventory Type - select from the drop down menu which type of inventory your are upload

  • On-Hand Quantity - how many of this type of inventory do you have? Enter the number here. If you enter a 0 (zero), we will create an inventory with zero items available.

  • Low Inventory Alert Threshold - if applicable, enter in a number you wish to be notified at if your inventory falls below that number.

  • Expiration Date - Enter the expiration date, preferably in YYYY-MM-DD format.

  • Storage Location - Where are you keeping this inventory? If you enter a name in this field, the system will create a new Storage Area at your Site and assign the generated inventory to it.

  • Serial Number - Enter a serial number, lot number, or some sort of lab kit ID here if you'd like to track every single item individually.

Uploading your XLSX template file

Save the file as a XLXS and click Choose File and select the file you want to upload. Then click Create Import and your inventory information will be uploaded. It will take a couple minutes to get the file imported. 

When the information has finished importing, it will appear in the site and trial workspace dashboards and be ready for use!

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