Slope makes it super easy to keep track of expiration dates for all of the clinical inventory at your site. When you set an expiration date on an item, Slope will notify you 30 days before the item's expiration date. 

Setting expiration dates

If you already have inventory in the system, click the "Edit item" link in the Actions drop-down menu. This will take you to a form that allows you to edit the expiration date for a single item using a handy date picker.

You can set expiration dates dynamically in the items table by clicking on the grey text that says YYYY-MM-DD and entering your expiration date.

You can also set expiration dates for multiple items at once by clicking the check boxes next to the items you need to edit and then clicking Manage checked button at the top of the items table and then edit. You need to check at least 2 items before the options will appear. 

This will allow you to edit all the items you check simultaneously. You can also edit the serial number, expiration date, storage area, lot number and notes on the items from here. 

What happens when the expiration date is up

Our system does a daily poll at midnight EST to see if there's anything that's going to expire. In the case that the expiration date is less than or equal to the current date, Slope will automatically transition the item to the expired state. Expired items will show up in their own tab in the item table.

Monitoring expiration alerts

On your trial dashboard, inventories with expiring items will shown with a red triangle next to "Expiring" and the number of expiring items. We make it hard to miss!  Keep in mind:

  1. Expiring items which have not yet expired are considered "Usable".

  2. All expired items will be listed next to "Unusable" since they have passed their expiration date, and therefore cannot be used.

Getting notified about expiration alerts

As a courtesy to your inbox, we won't email you every time something changes. Instead, we send a weekly inventory update email to your inbox, which will show upcoming expiration alerts, if any. If you are a site admin, this will show expiration alerts across all the clinical trials and supply groups your Site. 

If you are a site staff, this will only show expiration alerts from the trial workspaces you are assigned to. In the email, we only list the 10 most recently expiring items, and give you links to jump into Slope to take action.

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