You can set up low inventory alerts to notify you when the the quantity of usable lab kits or supplies drops below a certain level. Slope calls this level a low inventory alert threshold. This value can be set based on enrollment trends and usage patterns that you have at your site. You can change it as often as you like. There are two easy options for setting inventory level alerts.

Setting the level alerts when creating the inventory

Use the navigation bar on the left to navigate to the clinical trial or supply group you wish to add inventory to. Select the name of the workspace and on the page use the Actions dropdown menu to select Add a new inventory from the dropdown list of options. You'll now see this view:

The Low Inventory Alert Threshold field highlighted above is where you will set your alert threshold. If your inventory drops below this, you will be notified.

Editing the level alerts after the kit is created

If you determine your inventory level alerts are too high or too low during the course of a trial, you can change the threshold at any time. Navigate your way to the inventory you want to edit using the sidebar and under the Actions dropdown menu of that inventory; select Edit Inventory. This brings up a similar view to creating new inventory. Edit the threshold number based on your needs in the Low Inventory Alert Threshold field and click Update Inventory

Monitoring inventory levels 

Once you have set up some low inventory thresholds for the inventories in your trial, you'll see the alert value shown as a slash after the quantity of ready items. In the example below, the inventory called "Injection Visit 1" has a ready quantity of 5 and an alert threshold of 2:

Inventory panels will be display a green check mark if the ready quantity is greater than or equal to the alert threshold. When the value drops below, the panel will display a red alert triangle. 

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