As a Site admin you are able to invite your coworkers to join you on Slope. Simply select Invite coworker under the Actions dropdown menu in the site dashboard. If you don't see this option in your Actions dropdown list, then you're not a Site Admin and won't be able to invite coworkers. You can also add a new team member by clicking the Team link in the sidebar and then clicking the Invite coworker button in the top right.

Provide your team member's email

In the first text box, input your coworker’s email. Then, use the Role dropdown box to grant your coworker site admin or site staff privileges. A site admin can see, edit, and delete all the items and inventory at the site. Additionally, they can also send invites to collaborators. Site staff can only see and edit inventory for specific workspaces.

Assign workspaces for Site staff

When you select site staff from the Role dropdown, a list of check boxes will appear for every trial workspace you have setup at your site. You can assign site staff to each trial he or she is involved in by checking the check box next to each trial workspace name.

The site staff member will only have access to the trial workspaces they are assigned. Within those trial workspaces, they can add inventories, items, and storage areas.

Send the invitation

Click the Send an Invitation button and the email address you entered will receive an email that looks like this:

Once they click the Click to Join button, they will be taken to a page where they can setup their password and profile details. After completing the set up process, they will be taken directly to their site dashboard. 

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